We are a small direct trade specialty coffee roastery and a member of ROASTERS UNITED. The main purpose of our roastery and our group is to import high quality, organic coffee directly from collectively organised small scale farmers according to our trade policies. We like to call this Socialising Cup Quality. Going beyong fair trade, we are offering the best trade conditions to our producer partners to support and encourage economic and social development of coffee growing communities around the world. In addition we provide technical and financial support for capacity building and adaptation to climate change.
In our coffee shop you cannot only buy a variety of single origin coffee and espresso roasts but also espresso blends but also a selected range of espresso machines grinder, accessories and pour over gear. There is also a small space to drink espresso, cappuccino, pour over or cold brew, either inside, in summer also outside.


Basler Str. 12A, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany