Coffee beans at CaffèMilano-The Italian Coffee House are carefully hand roasted naturally. The magic happens directly in-store, where our customers can experience in person the process of coffee roasting, watching our roaster transforming the beans from their raw green state to yellow and finally brown, listening out for the cracks and smelling the subtle sweet aroma shifts of the roast.

When we shop for food, we always look for freshness- fruits or vegetables that have just been picked, a food that has just been prepared and especially when we buy baked goods, we want them fresh. Why? Simply because they taste better! It is the same with coffee. It tastes better when it is freshly roasted!

We always roast our coffee beans in small batches to ensure the freshness which is what differentiates us from mass commercial coffee producers, whose coffee has been on a shelf in a warehouse or on a supermarket for months after being roasted and before being purchased by the final customer.


Calle Burdeos, 9, Xàbia, Spain