When selecting our green coffees, we pay particular attention to the fact that the manufacturers do everything they can to not only produce high-quality coffee, but also to positively integrate social and environmental issues into their corporate philosophy.

Naturally . Sustainable. Diverse
Fair. Social. Transparent
High-quality . Delicious

With these basic principles and values, we carefully select our coffees in order not only to offer our customers an exceptional taste experience, but also to make a contribution to the sensible and considerate use of resources.

Last but not least, it is important to us to support those farmers in particular who pay their workers fair wages and who also ensure that the entire family is integrated through training, schools and social projects, etc.

If we then respectfully process this coffee and if we can elicit the full intensity of the aromas in the plant from the coffee beans during roasting, if we can pamper our customers with an excellent coffee at the end of a long process, then everyone involved has achieved their goal and the hard one The work was worth it.


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